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Specialist Workwear

Safety of the workforce is the prime responsibility that any business holds towards its employees. Specialist workwear is a savior for the workforce in many industries. Specially designed for providing job related occupational safety and health to the wearers, specialist workwear are extremely useful apparel among the workwear range. Austcoast Embroidery understands the unique requirements of various industries and supplies specialist workwear that can prevent your staff from environmental hazards, industrial risks and contaminations.


Specialist workwear supplied by Austcoast Embroidery are intended to protect people from contamination, damage and infections. Most of them are a part of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and are aimed at protecting people from injuries or accidents while working under conditions like heat, cold, flame, reduced visibility, moving parts and chemicals.


While procuring these specialist workwear from manufacturers, we make sure that this apparel meet three prime functions: protection, mobility and comfort. Additionally they meet the fabric requirements for specific industries and have the desired degree of durability for withstanding hazardous accidents, harsh wash, and ageing conditions.


To mark the professional and expert impression on your team and customers, you can get this protective workwear customised with your logo or branding message. This will also give a sense of belongingness to your employees. Austcoast Embroidery’s in-house team can easily embroider or print these apparels as per your recommendations.


Apart from supplying specialist workwear, we also offer exclusive range of apparels to hospitality industry, for example, hospitality aprons and waitress uniforms. To know more about our customization services, give us a call on 1300 100 250 or write an email at

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